The road to hell is filled with everything that feels like heaven

pepperjacks-ad-copy st joe

Mathew Hunt and I went to give the new Pepperjax Grill a shot today and we weren’t disappointed.

Many times when I go to a restaurant, especially one whose claim to fame is a philly, and I ask for no onions because I happen to be allergic to them, they look at me like I just asked them to find the determinate of a complex set of matrices. This was not the case here. Continue reading


How to: make a philly poor student style


Title: Philly With a Twist

By: James A. Garrison

Whether you are just plain hungry, or just want to flex your culinary muscles for friends, family or even a casual date, this recipe for a Philly style roast beef sandwich will tick all the right boxes at a steal for under fifteen bucks. Continue reading