Technical writing: boring or brilliant














I always hear how good a technical communications gig can be, however, the people who are telling me that aren’t necessarily still completely relevant in that field. This leaves me wondering, is this field really still one I want to be a part of?

First I should probably clarify that while my degree’s major, convergent media, does qualify me for most tech communication positions I do have other options; in fact, that is the main reason that drove me to research which avenue would be most beneficial to pursue.

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Act your wage

By: James A. Garrison

Most students go through school not realizing the magnitude of their student loans and without thinking about what the payment plan will eventually look like after school is over; Western now has a program that will help.

The new program is called SALT and it is the latest brain-child of the respected American Student Assistance nonprofit and is completely free for students to use.

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