Dear Ferguson, sick of your shit

I don't own any rights to this photo. Photo from

I don’t own any rights to this photo. Photo from









Last night the indictment decision came in and after following the limited evidence released it was much what I expected.

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No more Butts about it


The smoke clears as Western’s new tobacco free policy begins but while a big push to make students aware of the policy is under way, when it comes to enforcing the ban, things are still a little hazy.

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A year in the bricks – A short story from my life


In the Fall of 2000, I was sentenced to two, back to back, 5 year sentences to be suspended, 1 year in Clinton County Jail, and 500 hours of community service. With a slam of the gavel I was off to begin my 1 year sentence. The next year of my life showed me a lot about man kinds’ true nature, pushed the physical and mental limits of what most people typically endure, and gave me a window into my future if I did not veer quickly from my current path. Continue reading