Original Sin









Article written for me by a friend named Adam Hamby for a column in The Griffon News opinions section.

Original Sin


            Since practically childbirth in America (especially in the Midwest), we’ve heard all of the wonderful things about Christianity and the Christian Religion.  In fact, from a young age, most of us have probably been indoctrinated into the religion and belief system, too small to even give our consent.  It’s no secret that children are indoctrinated young.  In fact, it’s often a topic of bragging rights for a devout church leader or youth minister, that he’s “saving the children”.  A study conducted by the International Bible Society showed that 85% of people become “saved” before the age of 15.  In this context, “saved” is practically synonymous with “indoctrinated”.  Have you ever heard of the 10 year old Republican or Feminist?  Of course not, we would feel ashamed using that terminology concerning such a young person, who isn’t old enough to fully understand and decide whether they belong to such a complicated belief system.

Sidestepping the more obvious problems that Christianity causes on American Culture, such as the irrational phobia and hatred of homosexuals, Continue reading


The road to hell is filled with everything that feels like heaven

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Mathew Hunt and I went to give the new Pepperjax Grill a shot today and we weren’t disappointed.

Many times when I go to a restaurant, especially one whose claim to fame is a philly, and I ask for no onions because I happen to be allergic to them, they look at me like I just asked them to find the determinate of a complex set of matrices. This was not the case here. Continue reading