A hand up

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(Written for The Griffon News at MWSU)

When everything goes all tight in the chest and it feels like the weight of a thousand atmospheres is crushing in from everywhere at once, relentless. The ticking of seconds screaming like thunder as they fall away while the expectations of deadlines and the ghosts of too many wasted nights haunt with rising vigor. Missouri Western offers us a hand up.

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Cerebral Palsy, state school versus public

Kirin Peters, age 7

Kirin Peters, age 7









Getting a child with Cerebral Palsy, or C.P., into a well-funded and well equipped state school for the disabled can be difficult.

State Schools:

With disability services offered in almost every district school today is it really worth the hassle?

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Cerebral Palsy: The Tale of Kirin Peters

This is a video feature over my stepson Kirin and the affliction he suffers from, Cerebral Palsy. As a feature it is not as news oriented as some of my projects have been; and not as “loose” as some of my fun articles have been. Kirin got CP because of the negligence of hospital staff that can not be mentioned because of legal reasons. As of the date of this video, he is a thriving little boy happy and healthy in every other aspect of his life.

The Fifth Factor

This video is a multimedia slideshow project over my wife Athena and the effects of her terminal blood disorder. One of the things that I didn’t have time to mention in the slide project due to the time constraints is that the Warfarin that my wife has to take also causes her teeth to become very brittle and eventually break away and that is why her teeth seem jagged in close up photo of her towards the end. The intent was originally to show a before and after photo, but as mentioned time ran out on me.

Audio interview with economics expert Reza Hamzaee over the feasibility of Obamacare – project for Missouri Western State University






While there are a mixed-bag of emotions about the implications of Obamacare, I thought it would be very interesting to hear directly from an Economist how it could affect the U.S. economy and if it was even sustainable. While I don’t completely share all of Dr. Reza Hamzaee’s political leanings, he is a very well qualified and knowledgeable source on anything and everything economics. He brings up several good points in the interview and helps to bring a long term outlook to Obamacare that is refreshing amongst all of the reactionary rhetoric out there. Just hit play on the audio player at the beginning of this post to hear the interview.

Making the cost of medical procedures transparent – response to a college project to critique an audio news article








The article that I chose can be listened to here, and discusses how it is relatively easy to price items, especially with things like Ebay to help consumers lump prices from a variety of sources in one place and easily ascertain an average. When it comes to medical procedures, however, it is much more complicated to narrow down a common value.

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No more Butts about it


The smoke clears as Western’s new tobacco free policy begins but while a big push to make students aware of the policy is under way, when it comes to enforcing the ban, things are still a little hazy.

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