So, you are wondering why America is going to shit


This blog is a response to another college assignment to analyze and respond to the Frontline video “Growing Up Online”. “

The first thing to note is yes this video is a bit dated. That being said, all one really needs to do to make it relevant is to insert Facebook into every occurrence of MySpace in the video.

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Super bowl ad causes the twits of Twitter to melt down – a college media project

dolphin coke ad america the beautiful

After the Coke ad hit at this years super bowl a virtual nerd-storm of doom erupted in social media both for and against the inclusion of a total of seven different languages in the ad featuring the song America the Beautiful. Continue reading











In today’s marketplace, college students need to realize that degrees are no longer enough. They also need a brand.

New York Times best-selling author and business marketing guru, Jon Acuff, agrees.

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