A hand up

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(Written for The Griffon News at MWSU)

When everything goes all tight in the chest and it feels like the weight of a thousand atmospheres is crushing in from everywhere at once, relentless. The ticking of seconds screaming like thunder as they fall away while the expectations of deadlines and the ghosts of too many wasted nights haunt with rising vigor. Missouri Western offers us a hand up.

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The Fifth Factor

This video is a multimedia slideshow project over my wife Athena and the effects of her terminal blood disorder. One of the things that I didn’t have time to mention in the slide project due to the time constraints is that the Warfarin that my wife has to take also causes her teeth to become very brittle and eventually break away and that is why her teeth seem jagged in close up photo of her towards the end. The intent was originally to show a before and after photo, but as mentioned time ran out on me.

Critique of “Waiting to Die” an audio slideshow article posted by The LA Times – response to a college media project



The article can be found at: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/ed_shneidmanff_ss,0,3414993.htmlstory#axzz2v6BJHg1i This story covers a 90 year-old man at the end of his life. He is coming to terms with his mortality. Originally posted by The LA Times.

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