One box to rule them all or one bad idea













Recently, I went ahead and bit the bullet and got an Xbox One. Even amidst the clouds of doubt and pitfalls ranging from the dreaded 24/7 online dependency and supposed inability to trade or resell games, I was compelled to give it a shot.

Here is what I found so far:

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Audio interview with economics expert Reza Hamzaee over the feasibility of Obamacare – project for Missouri Western State University






While there are a mixed-bag of emotions about the implications of Obamacare, I thought it would be very interesting to hear directly from an Economist how it could affect the U.S. economy and if it was even sustainable. While I don’t completely share all of Dr. Reza Hamzaee’s political leanings, he is a very well qualified and knowledgeable source on anything and everything economics. He brings up several good points in the interview and helps to bring a long term outlook to Obamacare that is refreshing amongst all of the reactionary rhetoric out there. Just hit play on the audio player at the beginning of this post to hear the interview.