Tenacious D music video made with my son and wife


I don’t own any rights to the music. The song is Wonder Boy by Tenacious D.


A hand up

Information for graphic gathered at fanpop.com.












(Written for The Griffon News at MWSU)

When everything goes all tight in the chest and it feels like the weight of a thousand atmospheres is crushing in from everywhere at once, relentless. The ticking of seconds screaming like thunder as they fall away while the expectations of deadlines and the ghosts of too many wasted nights haunt with rising vigor. Missouri Western offers us a hand up.

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Degrees of success








Most students today appear to think that college is just a place to come after high school, get a degree and move on. Most students today are wrong.

As I walk the halls of Western, a bag with too many books thrown over my shoulder like a wounded soldier being carried from some imagined battle field, inevitably some whisper winds its way into my consciousness to damage my calm.

“Why do I have to study English? It’s got nothing to do with my degree!”  or some such equivalent, generally slipping from the mouth of a person who has overspent so much on credit cards and unnecessary loans that they should run for congress.

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Strictly “buy” the book







Due, in part, to a lack of attention to prices from colleges our text books have become far too overpriced.

Usually when pitching a textbook to a college the publisher fails to mention the price and the colleges never really ask up front. I am all for worrying more about content, but the price still needs to be looked at for the student’s sake. There are enough reasons why student loan default rates are on the rise, incredibly pricey books shouldn’t have to be a factor.

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