Sarcasm. Because punching people in the throat carries a felony.


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This blog post is in response to an assignment I received from one of my classes at MWSU .

In this post I will examine, compare and contrast three different blogs from well known bloggers. I will identify the “brand” or identity of the blogs as well as examine the advertising on them and the SEO tags utilized, layouts and page-counts.

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Trip across Europe

I created a sound-slide from the photos that I took while in Europe. We visited Athens, London, Bari, Rome, Bath, Dubrovnik, and Venice. I presented a research project in Athens and the rest was just for fun pretty much. Originally I intended to produce a food blog but I really didn’t find too much in the way of good authentic food while I was over there so you will have to settle on my sub-par photo abilities. It’s around 13 minutes long.