Trip across Europe

I created a sound-slide from the photos that I took while in Europe. We visited Athens, London, Bari, Rome, Bath, Dubrovnik, and Venice. I presented a research project in Athens and the rest was just for fun pretty much. Originally I intended to produce a food blog but I really didn’t find too much in the way of good authentic food while I was over there so you will have to settle on my sub-par photo abilities. It’s around 13 minutes long.


“It’s just a moment in time, step aside and let it happen” – A short story about my handicaped stepson and my life


“It’s just a moment in time, step aside and let it happen.”

(Quoted from the short lived TV. series firefly by Joss Whedon.)

It all started out for my stepson in a rush of action, confusion, miscommunication, and as fate would have it mistakes. I had not yet met my future wife, however the lengthy court depositions, the first hand accounts of family members, and the inevitable and necessary law suit itself bear out the events in glaring detail that is a story in it‘s own rite. After a terrible birth that could be described almost as a melee, and multiple failures on the doctors behalf and several cruel jokes of genetics, Kirin was born with cerebral palsy and mental retardation. For my stepson Kirin, a future that promised difficulties and damage, emotional, physical, and mental, by necessity, also bore with it strength of will and resolve to live. Continue reading

A year in the bricks – A short story from my life


In the Fall of 2000, I was sentenced to two, back to back, 5 year sentences to be suspended, 1 year in Clinton County Jail, and 500 hours of community service. With a slam of the gavel I was off to begin my 1 year sentence. The next year of my life showed me a lot about man kinds’ true nature, pushed the physical and mental limits of what most people typically endure, and gave me a window into my future if I did not veer quickly from my current path. Continue reading