About me:

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Welcome to my about me page.

My name is James Andrew Garrison and currently I am 33.

I am originally from Washington D.C. and have lived all over the U.S.

I was an industrial electrician for a few years until the market fell out and I was laid off.

I am currently a senior at Missouri Western State University.

I am currently the features editor for The Griffon News although I have either been an editor on or worked on every desk there except sports.

I currently live out in the boonies with the nearest town being Lathrop Mo.

I have a son named Ethan who is currently 12 and another son named Dakota who is 8.

I also have a stepson named Kirin who is also 8 and who I am in the process of adopting. Kirin has severe cerebral palsy as well as mental retardation.

I am currently studying for my bachelors in convergent media and I am getting a minor in tech com.

Email me anytime at: jgarrison3@missouriwestern.edu or kaosforgotten@live.com



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