Dear Ferguson, sick of your shit

I don't own any rights to this photo. Photo from

I don’t own any rights to this photo. Photo from









Last night the indictment decision came in and after following the limited evidence released it was much what I expected.

What I don’t get are all of the social media blasts calling for the prosecutor to be voted out or to resign and the idea that it is something to be admired, even if the verdict was a flawed one, to answer violence with more violence and especially violence against your own community and places that provide the commerce and jobs for those in that community.

No where else, except maybe religion, do we as a species take under advisement the verdict of the people who know more about something than anyone else on the planet and then say “nah, I got a better idea.”

Protests, from a historical standpoint at least, are generally used as a platform for argument. From my perspective, I am much more likely to listen to the split-gender jury who are the only ones to have seen and been able to weigh the evidence in its entirety than a bunch of lunatics willing to burn down their neighbors livelihood under some false pretense that they are fighting for a cause.

Now that you morons have destroyed everywhere that offered a job, I guess you can go back on food stamps and we just paid for you to fuck yourselves.


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