Clash of the keyboards











On the digital front-lines there is a war being waged.

On one side sits Mac, smooth with graphics programs and video editing as well as being very intuitive. On the other side, PC with its superior gaming abilities and unparalleled upgradeability glares across the now well-established battle lines.

Which should we use? Which is the best? The answer to that is the unsatisfying response of “that depends.”

The problem is that both are really good at a hand full of things and not everyone is necessarily looking for all of the things that can make one better than the other.



  • Most people in my generation grew up on PC so we innately know how to get around on one better and understand it more than we do the MAC.
  • The ability to endlessly upgrade a PC keeps it relevant for a longer period of time with less money.
  • Gaming on a PC is and will probably always be much better on a PC.


  • When it comes to editing software and graphic design the MAC wins hands down.
  • User friendly. The MAC with its use of the app approach, among other features, works so well that even Windows tried to copy it in Windows 8.



  • PC is a little bit clunky when it comes to handling things like video editing. They can run many of the Adobe programs, but at last check, some powerful editing software such as Finalcut Pro X are MAC only.
  • Windows 8; ‘nuff said.
  • Nevermind, going to say it again, Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8! What were they thinking? You can’t design an entire OS around touchscreen only. No wonder the new MAC lab has fingerprints all over the shiny new screens. Must be all the Windows 8 students trying to scroll the screen or something. Although I do have to add that they did cop to their mistake and did fix much of what was wrong with it.


  • MAC will never be able to compete with PC when it comes to gaming. Games on a mac are clumsy and jerky at best.
  • MACs sometimes have weird filing systems that make things confusing to find.
  • MACs do not have anywhere near the upgradability as PC does meaning that when a MAC gets outdated the only options are to buy an entire new system or just deal with it.

In the end, it probably really doesn’t matter which system you use. It is more of a preference thing more than anything.

If you are using your computer for school mostly both systems carry versions of Word and Excel and neither really has a standout feature, unless you are doing video editing or graphic design, that would really sway me one way or the other.

The only real caveat would be for gamers. If you are going to blow off homework and mostly game than for sure buy a PC.



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