One box to rule them all or one bad idea













Recently, I went ahead and bit the bullet and got an Xbox One. Even amidst the clouds of doubt and pitfalls ranging from the dreaded 24/7 online dependency and supposed inability to trade or resell games, I was compelled to give it a shot.

Here is what I found so far:


  • They fixed all that crap I just said. Not fully reliant on online connection, although it would be much less of an experience without it, and they did away with making the games untradeable and unsellable in the future.
  • The ability to control all aspects of living room entertainment from one device is phenomenal. Everything from music to my satellite TV all on one system makes for a powerful entertainment experience.
  • The graphics are everything one could hope for from an almost $500 system.
  • The store function is almost too easy, prompting me to receive severe tongue-lashings from my other half for drunken late-night purchases right from the comfort of my easy chair.
  • Everything is very streamlined and sleek, making for a very navigable and user-friendly system overall.


  • I was incredibly ticked to find out that I could not play several online games with a few of my friends who were still rocking the 360 even though they made the same games across both systems. That just did not make sense to me, especially since the PlayStation has Final Fantasy XIV that can be played across systems and computers alike. This tells me that it is for sure possible, but Xbox just didn’t step up to the plate on it.
  • The motion detection system is incredibly clunky. It always picks up on all of the wrong movements exactly when I don’t want it to, making me look like a stroke victim as I thrash around trying to get the damn thing to stop.
  • The voice detection is equally as annoying. I didn’t really anticipate getting into epic late-night arguments with a game system going in. On top of that, it picks up on anything said anywhere – whether it’s the TV or the kids or a random conversation with someone – the Xbox is listening (nervously looks over the shoulder).

Overall, for the price, the Xbox One just doesn’t seem to be worth the money, for now anyway. They are still putting all of the games out on both the One and the 360 so there really isn’t much of an incentive to pony up the cash if I can get the same thing, minus a bit of the graphic power, on a system that costs a fraction and a system that I probably won’t get into a fist fight with at the end of the day.

That being said, once they work out some of the kinks and start making games that are exclusive to the One, this conversation would change a bit and I think the investment would be worth forking over.


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