Sarcasm. Because punching people in the throat carries a felony.


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This blog post is in response to an assignment I received from one of my classes at MWSU .

In this post I will examine, compare and contrast three different blogs from well known bloggers. I will identify the “brand” or identity of the blogs as well as examine the advertising on them and the SEO tags utilized, layouts and page-counts.

The first blog I came across while mindlessly hunting top 5 – 150,000 lists for popular personal bloggers is a site from a woman named Jenny Lawson.

The self-titled bloggess has a brand that appears to be about 5 ingredients that when combined make a smart-ass fruit cake.

1.) Talk about shit that I find quirky.

2.) Put funny eyes on things I can’t Google how to grow right and then post all of the crap Google tried to suggest when I run a search on something.

3.) Abuse irony…a lot…

4.) Just a pinch of cursing to show how edgy I can be.

5.) A dash of cat-talk.

Most of the SEO tags she uses are things like “I’m an idiot” or “Random Crap” and I am guessing probably “cat” everywhere possible. That would explain the popularity I guess. These days just type cat or cat video into anything you publish and 5 million computards will run into traffic for it.

Most of her advertising on her page comes from ironic-author co-patriots who claim no one “gets” them as they get more page hits than recently voted most likely not to be resuscitated in an emergency as a favor to Earth and human-tampon Miley Cyrus .

Her blog is, on the other hand, very navigable and user friendly. Although my eyeballs do want to divorce my face for making them look at google-eyed potatoes and a woman balancing a cat on her head for 20 minutes.

Her blog consists of five pages. Coincidence that is the same number as the counting fingers on a hand? Doubtful.

Her posts, in frequency, seem to appear much like in-laws, far too often.

The second blog I came across is written by a man named Tyler Cowen.

His blog is called Marginal Revolution and leans more towards current events, news and humanities as well as history.

The branding behind this blog seems more straight forward than the last and appears to be centered around inspiring positive change bit-by-bit in the world today.

On the surface anyway, this blog seems to only have the single page with no links that I could see to other pages.

It mostly uses the “more tag” format and gives a title and a teaser to the article while offering the ability to click for the rest of the article.

He does seem to post with some frequency with the last post being the same day that I visited.

Advertising seems to be geared toward educated and updated individuals with an interest in current events.

My only real negative is that there is an advertisement for Marginal Revolution University which immediately makes me think if I applied I would be in for a marginally accredited degree and could hope to get a marginally successful job out of it. Keeping mediocrity alive and well! Maybe I’m just being a dick though.

SEO tags are pretty broad. He uses things like “history” and “law”.

The final blog I looked at is written by a man named Mark Forsyth.

The name of his blog is called Inky Fool and is mostly about grammar and etymology.

Most of the advertisement on this site are books that were also written by the author. The audience seems to mostly be student or teacher in nature.

The branding seems to be mostly that of an educator in writing. There are only two pages on his site.

The SEO tags were not visible on this site.

Overall, the last two sites were helpful, well-written, educational and I can see how they would be popular blog sites. All of the sites used all of the fundamentals of blogging and made good use of SEOs and advertisement as well as solid layouts. I wouldn’t personally visit the first site again however unless I felt like my brain filing rape charges on the rest of me. To each his own I suppose.


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