Making the cost of medical procedures transparent – response to a college project to critique an audio news article








The article that I chose can be listened to here, and discusses how it is relatively easy to price items, especially with things like Ebay to help consumers lump prices from a variety of sources in one place and easily ascertain an average. When it comes to medical procedures, however, it is much more complicated to narrow down a common value.

I think that they did a good job overall with the audio article. I thought that the audio added of the keystrokes while searching for the coffee maker were a nice subtle touch. I think this article strikes the news values of timeliness and impact most of the seven. I think that timeliness works because of the recent implementation of The Affordable Care Act and how this issue may interplay with it. I think impact because of the obvious implications that this issue could have on the reader. I think that this article could use a bit more ambient sound to accompany it. I also think that it may have been a good idea to input a short sound byte of an interview with a ‘horror story’ victim of the system. I think that this could add even more impact to the article and illustrate the point more. Possibly of someone who paid a lot of money for a procedure and then found they could have gotten the same thing done for much cheaper. This article also brings up the idea of competitive pricing but does not really address it. I think that it is a bit odd that if there does exist such a difference in pricing, that places that offer these procedures and know they are much cheaper don’t make an effort to put that information out there and boost their business.

Article found at:



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