Super bowl ad causes the twits of Twitter to melt down – a college media project

dolphin coke ad america the beautiful

After the Coke ad hit at this years super bowl a virtual nerd-storm of doom erupted in social media both for and against the inclusion of a total of seven different languages in the ad featuring the song America the Beautiful. Among the most vocal were the twits of Twitter. The keyboard ninjas were hard at work with their finger-fists furiously pounding out their 140 character points of view. Some claiming “How dare you include other languages – this is merica dammit!”. And then others siding with Coke saying “America has always been about accepting other ethnic groups and we should embrace it.”. As for me, I don’t claim to add anything substantial one way or the other and choose to just be amused by the whole thing. Check out the whole story unfold across the media in an article that I have compiled on Storify. 


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