A brief critique of a multimedia package

drunk obama

This blog post is in response to a short assignment to very briefly critique an online multimedia package.

This multimedia package can be found here. This article was over the correlation between types of drinks and political affiliation as well as likelihood to show up on election day.

I think that this just barely clears the bare minimum requirements to be called “multimedia” and only then because it technically actually uses more than one medium. By using the parameters defining multimedia as a form of journalism that tells similar or related stories through several means, and the parameters defining cross-media journalism as the same story told across more than one medium, this piece would fall into the latter category. I felt that the graph that represents the data in this piece to be incredibly unwieldy and very difficult to interpret. That is not to say that I could not find anything appealing about the package. I did think that going the interactive route with the poll in the piece was a good idea. The video just seemed to regurgitate the article however in the context of this type of multimedia, meaning that it was likely televised first, I can’t hold fault in that regard. I did think that the information was interesting although only from the standpoint of a novelty. I believe there are far too many other factors to definitively conclude that there is a positive correlation between drink choice and political affiliation such as geographical and social influences that probably affect both drink choice and political affiliations more-so than any direct result.


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