The road to hell is filled with everything that feels like heaven

pepperjacks-ad-copy st joe

Mathew Hunt and I went to give the new Pepperjax Grill a shot today and we weren’t disappointed.

Many times when I go to a restaurant, especially one whose claim to fame is a philly, and I ask for no onions because I happen to be allergic to them, they look at me like I just asked them to find the determinate of a complex set of matrices. This was not the case here.

Extremely accommodating and very user-friendly these guys will make all of St. Joe loosen their belt! (If you don’t get that reference fully it’s okay, look at the address, had to be done.)

Much like a high-end subway with about 200lbs less Jarrod, you are allowed to pick everything that goes on your sandwich down to the sauces.

No prepared mixed veg and meat abominations here, everything is made right in front of you. Workers are friendly and readily offer up suggestions if you happen to be a first-timer.

I had the steak with the spicy ranch and sauteed mushrooms on it and they killed it! Aside from not having a two bedroom apartment for a stomach to accommodate the massive sandwich, it was amazing! The fries were pretty kick-ass as well!

The price was modest and they do have a voluntary tip cup, which unless you are a dick or buying your meal with EBT, is not a problem considering the quality of food and service.

The only drawback, if one could be found, is that they have a small menu and it’s on the wall so you need to look as you walk towards the register to decide what you want before getting to the counter. The quality of the food, however, counters the minor inconvenience of variety.

All in all I give them a 4 out of 5 vodka bottles, definitely worth the drive!


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